Use Cases

There are many ways to use live scenarios throughout your hiring and training process. Our SaaS platform does all the hard work so you can plug it into your specific use case.

Hire your first DevOps or SRE

When it comes to hiring your first DevOps and SREs, you are trying to hire someone who is great at fixing issues in production when things go wrong and at the same time lead your DevOps and SRE strategy process and tools. These cover system architectures, Continuous Integration and Continuous Delivery, monitoring, alerting, logging, backups and recovery procedures.

Expand your DevOps and SRE teams

You already have people in your DevOps and SRE teams, and now you are trying to expand the team. You are trying to find people who can fit perfectly in your team, and can be added to the on-call schedule and really carry the team forward.

Train your DevOps and SRE teams

You have built a team and you are trying to keep their skillset sharp and uptodate. The best way to do it is by creating scenarios, which reflect your specific environment, and throwing new problems in to see how they are handled by the team. Build interactive team challenges and gamify the learning.

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