Our SaaS-based product helps you assess the technical abilities of candidates when hiring DevOps and SREs. This is done best when candidates are tested using real world scenarios. Here are some of our features.

Real life scenarios

Spin up full stacks with broken components, and ask candidates to analyze logs, databases and configs to find the root cause and fix the issues, as they would do on the job.

Save time with pre-screen

Instead of spending time interviewing all candidates, progress only candidates who show troubleshooting ability and skill sets to the next stage of your hiring process.

In-interview testing

Spin up select scenarios in minutes and use them during live interviews, freeing up your time to focus on the right questions and testing their thought process.

Candidate paced

A candidate’s actions and commands are recorded and saved for playback later, enabling the candidate to run through scenarios in-interview, or offline in their own time.

Candidate’s own environment

The candidate is free to work with their chosen CLI, letting them focus on the scenarios, not learning a new environment. A warm up scenario also lets them get comfortable.

Junior & senior position

With multiple levels of complexity, a candidate is assessed in scenarios ranging from very simple, to multi-tier complex systems, enabling junior and senior candidate hiring.

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