Interview SREs & DevOps on
production-like environments

Our technical assessment tool enables hiring managers to test candidates in live scenarios with real incidents.

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1Create a test

First create a test and select scenarios from our library. Our scenarios test for knowledge of Terraform, Kuberenetes, Ansible, Docker, HAProxy and much more. You can create customized scenarios to test candidates' knowledge of your technology stack.

2Invite candidates to your test

CircuitOps generates a unique link for your test, which can be sent to your candidates. Tests can be short and used during pre-screening, or in-depth and be used during in-person and remote interviews.

3Candidates work through your test

Candidates are given details of the incident in each scenario as well as the SSH connections to all components, such as app server, cache server, load balancer etc. Candidates are free to use their preferred CLI.

4Watch recorded results

The candidate’s SSH sessions are recorded and can be played back at faster speeds to assess how they did, saving you time.

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